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Die letzte Reise des krebskranken Chester Live

Eine Frau adoptiert den verwahrlosten Hund - und begeistert damit Zehntausende

Chesters Weg zurück ins Leben beginnt mit einer Anzeige eines Tierheims im Bundesstaat Georgia. Völlig verwahrlost wird der kleine Hund zuvor aus einer Tötungsstation gerettet. Chester hat Krebs. Bei einer Operation wurde bereits ein großer Tumor entfernt. Doch die Krankheit kommt zurück. Die Tierärzte können nichts mehr tun. Chester wird in Kürze sterben.

Hospice needed!! Columbus, GA Chester came to us from Animal Control back in April of this year. Life has given him a raw deal. Chester already had surgery to remove a large tumor, however, the mass cell tumors are coming back and surgery is no longer a option. Chester is the sweetest little guy and we are looking for that special someone that would let him live out his life in the comfort of a home. If you are that special someone please contact us 706-569-6040
von Animal Ark Rescue via Facebook

Die US-Amerikanerin Nicole Elliot
t  reagiert auf die Hospizsuche. Sie nimmt sich ein Herz und adoptiert Chester. 

He is such a sweet boy!! 💙
von Chester's final journey via Facebook         

Menschen, die mit einer Krebsdiagnose konfrontiert werden, verfassen häufig eine Liste mit bislang unerfüllten Wünschen, die sie vor ihrem Tod noch abarbeiten wollen. Dem Internetdienst Buzzfeed sagt Nicole Elliott, dass sie "Chesters letzte Tage mit Liebe und Spaß füllen will".
Aus diesem Grund verfasst Elliott für Chester ebenfalls eine "letzte Liste". Das Internet lässt Elliott bei "Chesters letzter Reise" teilhaben und sammelt gleichzeitig neue Vorschläge für die Liste:

Ok, so I have a couple of ideas for Chester. One, I don't know anything about his past. I don't know when his birthday is, so I would like to try and set up some sort of birthday party for him. Maybe like a play date at a park for anyone to join. I have had several people ask to meet him, and set up play dates. Any suggestions are welcome. And if you think you may want to participate in that let me know. Also another thing I would like to do is for Chester to make people smile. If anyone knows of any children's homes, or any place I could take him to visit people and put a smile on their faces let me know. Other bucket list ideas are welcome, but due to lack of funds and no real idea of how long Chester has left I cannot take him on long trips besides the day trip to the beach I am going to plan in the very near future. I also want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all of the love and support. You all give me strength to do this. It will be a tough ride, but it will be even more rewarding. 💙 Nikki & ChesterChester's final journeyvia Facebook am 29. Juni 2:43

Die Internetgemeinde ist begeistert. Allein auf Facebook verfolgen mehr als 33 000 Menschen Chesters Reise und seinen Kampf gegen den Krebs:

Doch zu erleben gibt es noch eine ganze Menge: zum Beispiel den amerikanischen Unabhängigkeitstag am 4. Juli und neue Freunde:
Happy 4th from all of us! We hope everyone has fun and stays safe. ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙 🇺🇸 We love you all!! The pictures and posts are so great! They keep our spirits up so high. I have been showing them to Chester and Pierre. We love all of them!!
von Chester's final journey via Facebook

Ein kühles Bad...
We finally went to Flatrock! Chester seemed to really like it. When I lowered him into the water he started doing the swimming motions with his legs, so I think he may have been swimming before. He really enjoyed the warm sun, and he kept getting back into the water. Pierre loves water and as always he jumped right in. So, we finish our day with another check off of Chester's bucket list!
von Chester's final journey via Facebook

Oder ein neues Bett einweihen.

Well, that is my bed sheet. Chester claimed it the other day, and that is ok by me! Chester gets what Chester wants. Now it's his. Good night world! 💙
von Chester's final journey via Facebook

Wie viel Zeit Chester noch bleibt? Die Ärzte wissen es derzeit nicht.


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